CrossWinds Ministry: Academy of the Arts

CrossWinds Church has always been blessed with a number of individuals gifted in music and arts. In 2008, these individuals came together to brainstorm ideas around one central question - “How do we reach people in our neighborhoods for Jesus using the gifts we have been given?”. CrossWinds Academy of the Arts was formed through these discussions.

In September 2009, we officially started the CrossWinds Academy of the Arts. Throughout the years, we have offered different music and arts classes such as piano, guitar, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, percussion, choir, drama, and hip hop dance. After a low cost and one time registration fee of $25, the classes themselves are free for students who live in our neighborhood school districts such as Godwin Heights and Godfrey Lee. We also provide instruments for students in need of one.

In one sense, the purpose of CrossWinds Academy of the Arts is to provide community development through a low cost music and arts education for our neighborhoods. Education in urban school districts continue to be under resourced. As musicians ourselves, we recognize the inherent higher cost of music and arts education. It takes money and time to purchase and maintain instruments as well as take lessons. We hope to bridge this gap through the Academy.

in a deeper sense, we use the Academy as a stepping stone to build relationships with people in our neighborhood. You can’t reach people for Jesus in your neighborhood if you don’t know the people in your neighborhood. The Academy provides a simple way for us to meet neighbors. Families who may not be interested in a Sunday invitation to church are stepping into our building mid week for classes. We have used our Sunday services in the past as an opportunity for not only recitals but gospel presentations. We have students from the Academy playing on our worship teams. Last summer, we invited Academy students to our CrossWinds Kids Club which was a 3 day bible study for kids. We’re in the midst of planning Discovery Bible Studies for parents of our Academy students. At CrossWinds, we believe that neighbors reach neighbors. This can take many forms. Through the Academy, we pray that we accomplish this through music and the arts.

If you are interested in learning more about the Academy or donating musical instruments, you can visit our website at

Pastor Aaron Sucaldito with the of the Academy students

Pastor Aaron Sucaldito with the of the Academy students